Designer Handcrafted Fine Furniture

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Master Craftsmanship

Timeless Bespoke Furniture Designs

Commission Furniture Great and Small. 

From Court Rooms to Bespoke Coffee Tables.

Quality craftsmanship will exceed your expectations.

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Designer Handcrafted Fine Furniture

Signature Bespoke Fine Furniture Designs to be enjoyed.

Functional and Stylish Furniture.

Timeless Designs made to last for generations.

Master Craftsmanship.

Beautiful Fine Furniture Designs

Everything Zabo Design makes is original, using mostly Australian timbers and the considerations in design include the source of the timber and the energy required to produce it.

Vision, skill, innovation, attention to detail and sustainability describe creations from Zabo Design. It sounds like a lot to expect but it is what you will find when you cast an eye on, and run your hands over, the handcrafted fine furniture Zabo Design makes.

Signature and Bespoke Furniture 

 Whether you are a collector of beautiful bespoke furniture or are looking for stunning custom made fine furniture for your home, organisation or business then talk to Simon at Zabo Design and you will get the personal service and attention to design and detail that you are looking for.

Zabo Design Signature Handcrafted Fine Furniture Designs can now be made to order and can be shipped Australia wide and anywhere in the world.


My wife, noted Australian actress Noeline Brown, found Simon’s work while searching the net for some new and interesting dining chairs. Soon she had contacted him and commissioned him to make eight of his beautiful chairs……We now have the most attractive and comfortable dining chairs in Australia…

If you’re searching for the best, the most interesting and most beautiful furniture, talk to Simon.

Tony Sattler. Southern Highlands, NSW.

Signature Handcrafted Fine Furniture Designs can now be made to order.

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