Livos Natural Timber Oils Australia Supplier

Zabo Design has tried and tested many furniture finishes over the years and have found Livos products tick all the boxes in regards to ease of application and quality of finish.

Zabo Design has been using Livos products for a number of years now with great results. We can achieve beautiful finishes by hand without the need for spray facilities. The products are safe to use, they are based on renewable raw plant materials and are harmless to humans, animals and plants, and are bio degradable. Livos also has decking oil which ticks all the boxes as well.

We run furniture making classes and all projects are finished with Livos products as it gives me a great deal of comfort knowing that the plant based ingredients will not introduce toxic substances to my students or the workshop.  

Zabo Design is also the sole supplier of Livos products in the Hunter.

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